Friday, October 24, 2008


Why I am writing this blog?

Am I not supposed to be working?

Is it not my office hours?

What time is it now?

Where I am?

What I am supposed to do?

Where I am supposed to go?

Am I hungry?

Did I have my break fast?

Is it the time for the break fast?

What is the time for the break fast?

Is that a plate before me?

Are they food particles in the plate?

Who ate the food from the plate?

Did I eat the food from the plate?

Who served me food?

Is that my mom?

Where are my parents?

Do I have them?

Did I brush my teeth?

Do I have teeth’s?

Why my hands are cold?

Am I suffering from fever?

What is meant by fever?

Am I breathing?

Where is Air in this world?

Is this place called the world?

Who created the world?

Is the answer for it is God?

Who is God?

Have I seen him?

Do I know his address?

Do I have money to call him?

Do I have a phone to call him?

Who invented phone?

Do I know how to operate a phone?

How should I introduce myself to God?

What I am supposed to ask him?

Hey wait,

What is my name?


KEY: As some of you who have read this blog thinks I am a scattered brain, its high time I write a key to open the philosophy behind this blog. This theory is bit complicated. I meant to say we knew answers for certain questions in our life, like who are my parents, do I know to operate a phone, what is my name etc., because I do remember the answers for them. Similarly for few questions we cannot answer, where is air in this world, where is god, etc., it does not mean we do not know the answer, the answer is within us and we just forgot the answer for the questions. Few saints knew the answer and they called it as attaining NIRVANA. But for humble beings like us we will know it only after our death- Saint Lancelot



(Phew, Samalichifications)


Karthick Krishna CS said...

instead of asking all these questions, u could've answered my tagged questions...

Lancelot said...

sorry dude I FORGOT :P

swathi paul(dew drop) said...

random.wud u think im being rude if i called you a scatter brain?????????

Lancelot said...

No you are not rude because you din't get what I meant..will write a key for this blog...

Anonymous said...

Heya What' Death :P and what' NIRVANA...???

btw..i'm KK Karthik Krishna' younger bro..

Anonymous said...

what's death and what' NIRVANA..?? :-P :-D

btw..i'm KK,Karthik Krishna' younger bro...

Lancelot said...

Younger brother younger brother unga annanukku sonna reply thaan ungalllukum I FORGOT :P

Meera said...

Samy konjam tension agama
think panna allamae
Ithukkaga saint aganmnu illa.

Lancelot said...

@ Meera

eppadi think pannanumnu maranthu poche :((

Genius Kamal ! ! !

Trisha : கண்ணோடு கண்ணைக் கலந்தாளென்றால் களங்கம் உள்ளவன் எச்சரிக்கை உடனே கையுடன் கைகோர்த்தானா ? ஒழுக்கங் கெட்டவள் எச்சரிக்கை ஆடை க...