Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So who is superior?

I am sure many would have faced this situation. You would be meeting someone for the first time /some old friend after a long time and during the chit chat, that person might refer to a person (say Mr(s).X) and you might actually know Mr(s).X (as your friend / relation / lover / ex colleague / whatever possible relationship you could think off without pervertism).

Now comes the part which I wanted to discuss with you,
how you tell to the other person that you know Mr(s).X?

“Haan Ramji, I know Mr(s).X, (s)he is my friend/colleague/ relation/ lover/ (whatever you think perversely)”
“Haan Ramji, I know Mr(s).X, I am his/her friend/colleague/ relation/ lover/ (whatever you think perversely)”

I am sure no one can deny this that the usage of either of these sentences varies from person to person. Why such variation?

It’s quite simple, neat and straight forward: in few cases you feel you are superior to Mr.X and in other cases you feel inferior. When you feel superior you use the first one otherwise the second one. Give a thought Jto this and let me know next time which one you used to refer me.


KKushi said...

i think i have to agree on this one...

Karthick Krishna CS said...

you've been tagged

Genius Kamal ! ! !

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