Monday, December 29, 2008

and the award goes too...

EKSI..again I have been awarded. This time with two awards by Mr. Kartik (irukuda mavaane unnaku).. I am awarded with Bard (English bard and not the tamil word ok) of Blog Award and also Mr Blog King Award. Nandri hein. But you made me to realise that, this is the year end and at the year end you have to speak truth (not necessarily always) and also to appreciate few people who just touched your life and inspired you in the blogging life. Instead of giving the award to them, giving them to the award will be the appropriate thing to do... so lets start this award function right now, 3...2..1.

She is a new member to the blogosphere, to encourage her I am gonna award her with the RISING BLOGGER AWARD (claps). Let your blogs be as famous as Lalu Prasad Yadhavji. Good luck for your future blogs. She also get the Post of the Day Award (as I don't know how to take those lines from that picture he he he..). So GLO you better post something today and do some justice to the award. Others please don't ask me whether I belong to DMK because of the word RISING and the award carrying a Rising Sun's depiction. I am not interested in Politics, thats why didn't contest against Obama.

Ramyah: She is a teacher to be, her blogs are simple and neat no complicated poems, no complicated topics. She keeps it neat and low. I like to read her blog. She is recieving NICE MATTERS AWARD (claps). Let your blogs be the same and don't change for anyone and be a good teacher in the future. In exchange of the award buy me a Kangaroo kid from Australia. He He He... Just kidding, buy me an adult Kangaroo rather ;). One more piece of pearl, don't watch Vasantham TV too much, you will forget your Tamil and also creativity. :P

Viji: She is also a teacher to be. Her blogs are as simple as Ramyah's. Her best ones are her blogs based on the forwards she recieved. I really had tears reading the blog where a young boy buys flower to his sister who is going to die. Very touchy blog in the blogosphere. Keep up the good work Viji Teacher amma, don't forget the Saree, Umbrella and Handbag to school (for Tamils: the hint word is actress Rekha in various films :P). I am awarding with STAR BLOGGER AWARD (claps). Please keep posting such nice emails in your blog.

Bhu @ Bhuvana: She is one of my nutty friends. She is a blogger as well. Her blogs speaks about anything and everything though mostly about her everyday life. She has a strong command over the language. She also has the talent to attempted comedy in her blogs. The best thing about her is she is a nut like me (we are nutty friends). This LITTLE NUTTY AWARD (ithukuthaan antha Nutty- Nut lead :P) award goes to her. (claps) Why this award? solla vantha matteraa nut crack panra mathiri pattunu solra talentukaaga intha award (in english: her blogs are just straight forward and upto the point and no beating around the bush). Bhu you have to courier me a full bottle of Old Monk for this award ;)

Raja Selvam:
My good friend and a fellow lawyer (though senior to me). Socially responsible person. His blog is dedicated to bring into light the stains in the society. I will call him the conscience of Chennai. So I give him the COMMUNITY BLOGGER AWARD (claps) for serving for the betterment of the community. Brother take your efforts nation wide, we need people like you and remember someday I will be back to India and we have to flood the HC and SC with PILs. To other bloggers, he runs his own Intellectual Property Law Firm, so if you want to protect your copyrights or to trademark something feel free to approach him, though he will not advise you freely (A lawyer never gives advise for free because we believe in "If you are good at something never do it for free" COURTESY: Late Heath Ledger)

Kirthi: My junior at college. Very brilliant (I can hear you saying, "Howelse she'll be? being Lancelot's junior" :P). Another person with a strong command over the language and her words are very deep and touching. Being a fellow Saggi she can express which not many can do. I give her the CLEVER BLOGGER AWARD (claps). I really love her Slap stick blog. We both have the following things in common, we worry for things which are nowhere related to us, we write about things purely based on imagination, we like motivating people and most importantly we stand for what is right. Its too good to be her senior (so, that I can claim she is following my foot steps, whereas she is not infact). Good luck Kirthi, this is just a small trailer to all the Pulitzer's and Booker's you gonna receive in future. Make me feel more proud.

Preeti: Preeti, what to say about this fellow outcast, we hail from the Chola naadu (she from Trichy and me from Thanjavur). Usually we are forbidden to talk about few topics in our area, but I used to do that and I am surprised to see her doing the same. So I give her the GUILTY BLOGGER AWARD (though we are guilty as charged we are really innocent).(claps) Only recently I came to know that we share our b'day as well. I was born on 9-12-85 and she on 9-12-86. So I can now call her the copy cat :P. I really like her written language, she has a strong command over the language. Keep up the good work girl and don't forget to TT me the 1C ;)

Senorita: I am one of the few who knows her real name. She owes me quite a lumpsome for not revealing that in blogosphere. Her writing is just awesome, she just reflects what she feels and can picturize the scenario before your eyes, I really enjoyed her blog on Carols (I stress not her carol singing but the blog on carol). Being a reflector of what she feels I give her the BLOGGER REFLECTION AWARD(claps). Keep reflecting yourself and the society and don't give heart breaks to your readers by calling the blogging off often please. Keep blogging until I forget my language. And don't forget to pay that lumpsome, failing which I will be forced to reveal your real name in the blogosphere.

Now comes the two most important persons in my blog life both named as Karthick and Kartik (just a C difference) the former is the one who introduced me to blog world and the later is the one who keeps me kicking in the blog world. In short my motivators. When the three of us start our TR style tamil poems, the whole world goes berserk. I wish that we three make a movie or a play together in future. So I award them the following awards.

Kaki @ Karthick: I give him two awards for his versatile blogs, from Short film to count down to email messages to everyday life to interesting info to whatever. I award him AMAZING BLOGGER AWARD and EXTRAORDINARY BLOGGER AWARD (claps X 2). You deserve this award dude. The amazing goes to the Short film you've shot off late and the story style of it in your blog and extra ordinary goes to all the other blogs you have posted in your blogspace. Keep up the good work and very soon you are gonna get some shocking news from Kartik and Me. Keep guessing about it and don't use your usual silencer effect for this award showing your humbleness etc. Just accept it and spread it to others as well. Bring in more bloggers as we need competitors. Don't forget to book me as the hero for your first feature film. (Kartik you will be my KO PAA SE). How is beauty and Meera? :P

Kartik: In the beginning of this award ceremony I have tagged him with his english blog link and here with his tamil blog link. A good but bad fellow. I have the right to comment first in his English blog and my alter ego Salt Kottai Siluvai comments in his Tamil blog. I need not say anything about his blog as his blogs are the talk of the blogosphere. I am sure he will become a great politician in future. I wish him all success in the blog world and personal world. Hope he gets all the girl friends he wanted, in the year 2009 and able to drink more than half a peg of rum. I also take this opportunity to inform all the blog readers and bloggers that very soon both of us are gonna come with something new, so please support us as usual. I award him with the KICK ASS BLOGGER AWARD (claps) to his English blog for two reasons: firstly he got kicked by the amenchikaraai lady head constable in his donkey (I am a decent boy) once and secondly he is an ass :P The second award is to the tamil blog, ADDICTIVE BLOG AWARD (claps) again for two reasons: firstly the monkey in the award looks like him(don't imagine that I called you Andrew Symmonds) and secondly his tamil blog is more addictive for siluvai than the English blog (because Siluvai can't read English).

I hope you all will accept my humble award. Few rules for you along with this award:

1) Put the logo on your blog.

2) Link the person who awarded it to you.

3) Link the bloggers you are about to honor.

Pass this award to as many as possible and motivate them to blog. Cheers and Congrats for the award winners...




Senorita said...

@ Lancelot...Thanks for the imaginative award, it is very sweet of you :)

Raja Selvam said...

Thanks to Mr.Blog King (Arun) who has awarded me with the Community Blogger Award. Prima Facie the concept itself is fresh and CUTE (:-)) brings a smile in the face of the winners and also boosts every one to make their blog more interesting...

And at this point I would request all the winners out there to equally contribute to my blog any issues that could be discussed to make Chennai a better place to be. I am sure everyone has lost all hope on the politicians of our country and they would only work hard to make our place a better place for themselves....

GLO said...

oh thank you lancelot
truly I'll do justice to your decision .

GLO said...

and as for now i can't publish new post for i am seriously suffering from severe fever right now i am ok .
you can expect from me one nice post during jan. untill then bye take care. bye

Ramyah said...

Lancelot...Happy New Year to you and thanks for the award. Wish you a great year ahead.

Karthik said...

Ennaiyya idhu.. Yuki Sedhu maadhiri award function la kooptu vachi asingapadhuthureengale... Vilungumaa???

Genius Kamal ! ! !

Trisha : கண்ணோடு கண்ணைக் கலந்தாளென்றால் களங்கம் உள்ளவன் எச்சரிக்கை உடனே கையுடன் கைகோர்த்தானா ? ஒழுக்கங் கெட்டவள் எச்சரிக்கை ஆடை க...