Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another year has passed…

What a year it was, phew… I had enough of it. I would say the best and worst year of my entire life. Thinking about it, it started with a big disappointment for me (like every other year) and as usual I was taking it light and easy. But in the same week I got the post of the First President of Moot Court Association, so my disappointment was diverted into a force - a thirst to prove myself - to achieve something and achieved it as well by organizing the First National Moot in Tamil Nadu.

Our dear god is always like that, he gives you happiness and sadness at the same time, reminding us life is like that, ups and downs just like our Indian roads, yeah and if you can drive in this road you can drive in any part of the world. I am thankful to you dear God for not getting me too high and implanting any extra weight in my head. I owe you one, hope you can join me at Penny’s Black for a Somabaanam(divinely alcohol) session.

So with your kind permission I would like to tell everyone how you had treated me this year, how well you gave me the ups and downs in the same year:

1) January- gave the biggest disappointment of my life, by rejecting an application of mine which I badly sought after, but gave me the post of First President of SOEL-MCA in the same week;

2) February- gave me the first valentine’s day gift of my life, got me seats in all the UK universities I applied for, gave me the approval to conduct the first pro bono enviro moot in my college, but gave a massive set back leaving us with just 50K and no sponsors for the moot;

3) March- gave me the funds we were seeking for by an unexpected source, but also gave us a big setback in the form of Strike in the college and made the strikers to oppose the only student body (MCA) in the university;

4) April- made me to overcome all the hurdles and conduct the moot successfully, to thank my God Father righteously and made him proud, but didn’t allow me to enjoy the victory by making me to meet with an accident on the final day of the competition. Same month you showed me what is right for me and showed me what I deserved - the best girl I will ever find in my life and you even made her to fall for me, but in the same week you gave a big blow to me by causing too much trouble to my beloved sister making me to cry - I cried like this only once before and you know when – it was when I lost my grandma; (for this I hate you so much God);

5) May- the troublesome college life got over, made me to do all my papers well;

6) June- made my mom turn against me, suspect me - the biggest blow of my life, good thing I left the shores of India then;

7) July- unnecessarily delayed my results and made me forego my masters; but because of that you gave me a job;

8) August- gave a first class honors result to me, made my mom to realize her mistake and take me back;

9) September- made me cry again for leaving my sister, god father and mom back home; but gave me an amazing boss who reminded me of my god father;

10) October- made me to feel that I am not worth being a shipping lawyer made me to screw up so many things, made me to feel that I am not fit to be in the job, and gave me a stress by exploding a bomb in the university where my beloved is studying but protected her from it;

11) November- made me to feel worse by putting my motherland to shy by the Bombay terror attacks;

12) December- to compensate all that, made my life very happy by making my boss praise about my work to all the clients and fellow lawyers, made me spend some quality time with my beloveds, made me to achieve what I dreamt to of doing from the last Christmas. But again started your usual game of making me depressed over the past few days, and made me to jump with happiness yesterday morning by making the most awaited booking and made me go back to depression this morning by revoking the booking made yesterday.

Phew today the year 2008 is ending- What an amazing year? Huh … But thank you God, because I have learnt the following this year:

1) Whatever you achieve is not enough;

2) How many ever hurdles come in your way, you’ve got to fight them hard to achieve what you wanted to achieve;

3) Disappointments are part and parcel of life;

4) Not to expect much out of life, rather follow the Ishkamakarma as said in Bhagavat Gita (Passionless Action). To put it simple, do your duty without any expectation;

5) Everything happens for a reason;

6) Showed my pluses, Showed my minuses;

7) Made me to self analyze and reform myself;

8) That if J K Ritheesh is having a life why can’t I (he he..)

With that he he ends my boring ragas…

Now I would like to list out the best in everything:




Best Movie

Saroja & Dasaavatharam

Dark Knight & Taare zameen par

Best Song

Kangal Irandal


Best Actor

Kamal Haasan

Heath Ledger

Best Actress

Trisha (Abiyum Naanum)

Anushka Sharma (RBDJ)

Best Stunt


Quantum of Solace

Best Music(BGM)


Dark Knight

Best Cinematography



Best Choreography

Anjala song (VA)

RBDJ- Phir Milenge song

Best Editing



Best Mokkai Movie

Kuselan, Kuruvi, Sakkarakatti, Thenavattu

Quantum of Solace (created too much hype and become a busssss)

Best Mokkai Song

All Kuselan songs


Best Mokkai Actor

Vijay (Kuruvi)

Christian Bale(looked like a Joker before the real Joker in Dark Knight)

Best Mokkai Actress

Nayantara (many movies)

Maggie Gyllenhaal (Dark Knight)

Best Politician



Best Comedian


Sarah Palin

Best Disgraceful Incident

The brutal violence in the name of caste in the Govt Law College

The attack on Mumbai

Best Disgraceful Indian

Shivraj Patel, Aravind Adiga for getting booker prize for White Tiger, BJP politicians who tried to gain political mileage out of the Mumbai terror attacks

Best Flop of Image

Kalaignar by reuniting with Maran brothers again showing his family is far more important than the interest of public

Mathew Hayden by calling India a third world country

Best Advising Movie

Arai en 305il Kadavul

Taare Zameen Par

Best Sports Person


Michael Phelps & Usain Bolt

Best Football team



Best Football Club


In the first half MU & second half FCB

Best Footballer


Fernando Torres & David Villa

Best Flopper in Sports


Rahul Dravid

I guess that will do for the year.

Oh and my much awaited resolution for new year- “That I will try to fulfill all the resolutions I took last year as I have filled none” For those who are asking me about my last year’s resolution- it’s the same I have been taking this resolution for the past 7 years so I don’t remember what was my resolution on 1st January 2002.

Please consider the positive things happened last year as a motivation for the year 2009 and the negative things as lesson learnt & additional experience to face the year 2009.

I wish you a very Happy New Year 2009, let your sorrows get retrenched in recession…

With Love,



Senorita said...

@ lancelot...cheer up...come out of the depression...the booking or whatever you want...will come to you when it is time for it to come to you...not sure how good your hindi is, but here goes..."Waqt se phele aur kismat se zyada kissi ko kuch nahi milta"...

Kaycee said...

It's great to have known you as a good friend!
Wish you and your loved ones, as well as your enemies, a very very Happy New Year!

Lancelot said...

@ Sen

he he depressed who? me eh? it takes more than that to put me in depression...and God lost to me several times trying...

@ Kaycee

Sentimentaa pulliyiriyaae thaangala...and yeah wish my enemies a good year too, I don't like competing with people who are suffering (punch dialogue :P)

Karthick Krishna CS said...

watever, everything upto u.. i ur words reflect ur depression even if u wont agree.. anyways, happy year ahead... let ur mariage invitation reach us this year.. ;)

Lancelot said...

@ Kaki...

Marriage invitation this year eh?? Yeah you can have it this year itself it will be in the year 2013... please don't fail to come and send our moi now itself to my swiss bank account..nandri hein..

and no depression as such...just a reflection of my life..

Karthik said...

Wish you a Happy new yr!!!

Hey va va va sarigami... avn thedi thedi alairan urukulla.. enkirukaan kandupidi maapula...

GLO said...

superb you just listed out the same things that was thinking of , especially the movies and sports. heath leadger rocks..

Lancelot said...

@ GLO & Kartik

nandri lah lah lah

GLO said...

tho da. enna jack sparowa, don't be crazy.

Lancelot said...

Jack Sparrow who me??? how do u know that I am Jack SParrow???

viji said...

~~For those who are asking me about my last year’s resolution- it’s the same I have been taking this resolution for the past 7 years so I don’t remember what was my resolution on 1st January 2002.~~

tappu ma..tappu. palasaiyellam maraka koodathu. hehehhe..

anyway it is still not late for me to say this. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009..

DOnt think bout whatever has passed. u must thankful for everything. definately there's reason for everything u got and lost. ethu nadanthaalum positive aah accept pannikithu valkaiye enjoy panunga.


Lancelot said...

@ viji

Yeah Viji I keep moving on no matter what comes - because I can fight...thanks for the enouragement though...and happy new year to u too...and mavane kaki ellam nee kothu vittathu...ennaku kalyanam aagum aana athukku anju varusham aagum,,,

Karthick Krishna CS said...

//mavane kaki ellam nee kothu vittathu//
narayana..... narayana...

indha varusham, atleast reception mattum veinga boss

Genius Kamal ! ! !

Trisha : கண்ணோடு கண்ணைக் கலந்தாளென்றால் களங்கம் உள்ளவன் எச்சரிக்கை உடனே கையுடன் கைகோர்த்தானா ? ஒழுக்கங் கெட்டவள் எச்சரிக்கை ஆடை க...