Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My first movie-review. I have been asked by my lakhs and more fans to review movies for a long time due to my extrinsic knowledge in movies and film making (Pe Pe Peeee Peeeee Pee Peee - *Trumpet Sound*). But the only reason why I have not reviewed me so far is because I am lazy. Anyways here goes the review of the much awaited SRK starring RBDJ.


Cast : Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Vinay Pathak

Special Appearance: Kajol, Preity Zinta, Rani Mukherjee, Priyanka Chopra

Music : Salim-Sulaiman

Lyrics : Jaideep Sahni

Cinematography : Ravi K. Chandran

Written by : Aditya Chopra

Producer : Aditya Chopra Yash Chopra, Shahrukh Khan , Aashish Singh

Director : Aditya Chopra


Ek gaon mein ek Surinder Sahni raghu thatha…yeah the story is as simple as this. One Surinder Sahni- One Tania Gupta- Dying father linking hands of the two- girl marrying with love on someone else- husband loves her like there is no tomorrow- so he does all the gimmicks beyond his normal character to woo her. Climax girl realises the meaning of true love – after some senti dialogue- They lived happily ever after.


Story- Old lady in brand new bikini. The story is very predictable so is the screenplay. But there are few movies which just create magic for no reason. This movie is one of among the list. SRK is the magical word in this movie. From opening to ending his magic does the box office jinx (On its opening day, the film earned 7.5 crore net all over India. The second day earnings were estimated at 10 crores. According to first week collection records, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi broke opening weekend records for Yash Raj Films, collected 60 crore worldwide and surpassed Dhoom 2 in its first week gross. It also earned 40 crores in the overseas market.

Direction- Aditya Chopraji after his 8 year long break is back to the film world with a normal bang. But for SRK this movie would be a goner. Chopraji, why that unnecessary bike chase with the DHOOM MA CHAALE background? We all know that it is you who produced the Dhoom series and also that it is you who screwed up Dhoom – 2 by penning the story.

Acting- This is one area where the movie has really earned its credits. SRK, Anushka has given a stunning performance. SRK as a geek has played the part to the tee. It’s easy for a real fatty like Vijayakant to play as a well fit cop but hard for a 6 packer to portray as a guy with no attitude, to crook his shoulders and walk funnily (experience says its hard to do that). But he has given a perfect performance as Surinder Sahni, the way he utters, “Punjab Power- Lighting up people’s life” or the way he stumbles when he climbs the stairs after giving his room to Taaniji, the way he says Thank youji, Mention not ji, wow, wish Mani Ratnam uses him instead of that stupid junior B. SRK has also played the Raj ka role with bahooth perfection hoon. Anushka- has failed to provide the punch, she looks too dumb in the key scenes, like when she says she has no love for any men, where SRK fights with a SUMO(oh RAB won’t you give some new ideas into the director’s mind, when will they learn that hero cannot win always especially when he is fighting against a flesh mountain) and the final scene where she understands that moustache less Raj is actually her husband(the make up really put Sherlock Holmes and James Bond to shame- even they couldn’t find it). She has the figure to be the dream girl but need some acting lessons (I can give it to you for free).

Camera- Camera was exceptional, excellent angles and it was well complimented by editing, Ravi K Chandran seems to become the permanent cinematographer for SRK movies. I really liked the way he captured the green trees reflection on the water in the scene where heroine’s papa ka cremation.

Music- I really liked the theme music- quite catchy- it’s my ring tone now. The back ground score I will say 50-50 ok. For the track lists my scores are as follows based on the music, singer, choreography, composition, costume etc.

1. Dance Pe Chance Marle - Sunidhi Chauhan and Labh Janjua (ÖÖÖ)

2. Dancing Jodi – Ditto (ÖÖ)

3. Haule Haule Se Hawa Lagti Hai - Sukhwinder Singh (ÖÖÖÖÖ)

4. Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte - Sonu Nigam (ÖÖÖÖÖ)

5. Tujhe Mein Rab Dikhta Hai - Roop Kumar Rathod (ÖÖ)

6. Tujhe Mein Rab Dikhta Hai (Female Voice) - Shreya Goshal (ÖÖ)


1) Why Rab there is lack in creativity among the Indian Directors?

2) Why Rab it’s always that people cannot identify a person when he shaves of his moustache?

3) Why Rab it’s always guys who go out of their way to woo the girls?

4) Why Rab it’s always a happy ending to such stupid movies?

5) Why Rab SRK is doing Raj kind of characters always?


1) There are quite a number of situational comedies in the movie which you will enjoy;

2) There are few dialogues in the movie which provides the audience with extra evidence as to SRK’s orientation. (Hint: Karan Johar);

3) At the ending Mr Sahani says about his honeymoon trip and is quite funny;

4) For fellow Kajol fans the Phir Milenge song is a treat for us;

5) As SRK said in Om Shanti Om,

“Hamare filmon ki tarah hamari zindagi mein bhi end tak sab kuch theek hi ho jata hai aur agar theek na ho, to woh The End nahin.”

This film has a predictable and happy ending too. (Now don’t call me a blooper what else you expect from Indian movies other than the fairy tale ending?)

6) Tis is not a typical Yashji’s film, again I would like to quote from Om Shanti Om,

“Magar aak din tho ye bunglow mera hoga, kya hai na Rajesh Kapoor ekdum bikario ka tara rahe ga.. magar main akdum estyle main rahoon ga... pandra sola imported gadia hogi.. aur yash chopra ki sets ke tara ek shandar bedroom hoga, gold bed ke saat "estyle main"…”

No costly sets, no branded costumes- all simple and neat and natural for a change in Yashji’s flick. Good sign, but wish he had done something new to the story department too.


Whatever I may criticise the film for its lack of logic, but I really enjoyed seeing the movie (once) and it’s a relaxing film where you need not be in stress to predict the climax as you will know what will happen next. Doctors have prescribed this movie for all heart patients as they need not be stressed to predict the story.



GLO said...

enna unga vetti velai listla movie review vum sethutingala?(chumma)
nice review, i'll watch the movie this pongal holidays.

Lancelot said...


bloggingae vetti vellaithaana athulla John ponna enna joseph ponna enna?? nice review vaanu theriyala aana review avlothaan...

Senorita said...

@ Lancelot...I dunno..saw bits of the movie...was not too impressed...as a rule I like SRK...but RNBDJ is not too high on my to watch list...

Lancelot said...

@ Sen

The movie is just a stress reliever nothing great...definitely not an award material..

Anonymous said...

Nalla muyarchi!!! Vidyasama irundhudu!! Music review vayum sethe pannitenga :) Hindi padangala naan romba paakurathu illa.. aana SRK ve romba pidikum... so I am going to watch in DVD.. don't take it in wrong sense.. theatre la english subtitle podamaatrangale...

Lancelot said...

@ Kanagu

nandri for dropping by- and I can understand en hindiyum EK GAON MEIN EK KISSAN RAGHUVODA THATHA casethan- aana inga singaporela theatre la english sub titles poduvanga - so manageable...

Vinnie said...

hmmmm...ok, i'll watch it since this is ur first mmovie review...then i will review ur post

Lancelot said...

nandri hein,,,

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suganya said...

As a fan of SRK,I found the movie utterly disappointing. I wondered wat made him choose this dumb movie?

Lancelot said...

@ Suganya

SRK has to show loss in his Balance Sheet early once- IT problem u see...that is why :P

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