Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Think Adroit

Four years back there was this guy at Chennai in a law school, who was Mr No One. He can’t speak good English, he is not hip, he doesn’t know what is the difference between Pop- Rock- Hip Pop, he doesn’t know who George Clooney is, and he was Mr No One. No one in the college trusted him, no one believed him, no one thought he will be a success story, in fact Mr No one himself thought he will be no one after his law school. That’s when our Mr No One met Mr X and they became house mates. Mr X influenced Mr No One to a great extent and made Mr No One as Mr Some One. Later Mr Some One met Mr X’s friend Mr P who was equally motivating Mr Some One. The best thing in life was to be believed and trusted by someone who is nowhere related to you by blood, who is nowhere indebted to you by any means, who just see you as a person of some substance, who appreciates you for what you are, that alone will motivate you to go higher and higher. Mr X and Mr P are such persons in Mr Some Ones life. Mr Some One had also some financial hicks as he was a student but Mr X and Mr P understood it greatly and always took him out to good hangouts at Chennai, never left him in alcoholic meetings, though what Mr Some One was able to contribute was his presence. So Mr X and Mr P are a great reason for what Mr Some One is now. Later on their friend Mr J came into the scene and he was nowhere less than them, he helped in polishing Mr Some One’s Statement of Purpose to UK universities.

Now these guys Mr X, Mr P and Mr J all worked in a Call Centre, ONE NIGHT AFTER THE CALL CENTRE, they thought enough is enough to be a stereotype and decided to set paths to others and wanted to be their own employers, and they planned and started their own company at Chennai. During their planning, their execution Mr Some One was a spectator and for being a spectator Mr Some One was given the post of the Company’s Legal Counsel- Mr Some One’s first job, first clients even before completing his law degree- yes because they trusted him and for this Mr Some One will be grateful to them till the end of the world. Now the introduction scene in the order of appearance:

Mr No One/Mr Some One – Lancelot Arun

Mr X – Xavier

Mr P – Prasanna

Mr J – Jude

The Company – Think Adroit

Think Adroit

Yes, my dear blog mates exactly one year back (on 27th March 2008), my very own friends, started their, it also includes me so let me put it as our dream company THINK ADROIT and now it’s the first birthday of Think Adroit.

I take this opportunity to wish our own child Think Adroit a very happy birthday and I pray that it should grow forever and ever. To know more about Think Adroit click on their website. They provide the following:-

Communication Skills Course

A smart initiative designed by Think Adroit offers a wide range of short term and long term training programs on various skills for desirable number of hours. The program is designed to understand and implement the "arts and science" of "learn to learn" skills which enhances your personality so as to be competitive and successful in social and business life.

About the program

Our interactive training courses combine real-world experience and education to determine and implement the best solution. Our focus is on ensuring your success as any trained work force results in better productivity towards the organization's growth

Courses are customized by the expert professionals in the field of training. The model was developed based on our observations.


  • Program duration is proportionate to desirable training experience hours, thereby "Lean"
  • Adopted techniques which have been proven effective without having to spend longer hours in any other conventional Training
  • Lets you gain the "urge to learn" attitude of a child
  • Explore your limits to gain an edge and keep testing the edge.
  • Speaks to the needs of the customers and create 'value' as perceived by the competitive world

Pay Offs:

Upon completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Plan more effectively to improve your Language skills
  • Learn and Practice Phonetics, Pronunciation, and other language structures
  • Workshops are very effective because of their simple structure and lucid manner in which they are facilitated.
  • Program is relevant, useful & the learning process is stimulating & interesting.

Email –”

If someone ask me to bet on Micro Soft I might think twice, but this is one company I will bet all my stakes. So dear blog mates, please join me and wish us a very very very very very Happy Birthday and support us in whatever way you can, we even respect your prayers for our well being. I dedicate them this song,


HAIL CAESAR (this is for you Prasanna)

With Love,


Monday, March 16, 2009

Single Tea with Siluvai…

Dear friends, I am not allowed to write in my blog today. Some of you know my alter ego “Siluvai”. He usually appears to comment in Kartik’s blog and now he and Nattamai has joined together as copy cats and have started blogging “here”. For the purpose of their copy cats blog both of them were learning English and Siluvai failed in his English exams. In order to practice his English he is blogging here today about various things like Introducing himself, narrating his love story (like how he met his wife Munimma, how they married etc). So, I pity you all and pray that you should not forget English. Let me give way to Mr Saltkottai Siluvai.

“Single Tea with Siluvai”

Ladies and gents, good morning. Me name is Siluvai, I from Saltkottai. I good look. You doubt see pixture this. No face because I show late. That pic I wear is name Lungi.

I today blog. First I see my Kuppam, on English it called Slum. Me one slumdog but no millionaire. This pixture show my slum.

I live 2 houses next to that house. Don’t question interfere. Me job fish catching, I drive ship, I net put in sea, fish catch the net evening, I home bring, Munimma sell fish. I know you question, “Who Munimma?” Munimma my husband and me his wife. Munimma good figure. I first meet in Church on Sunday not in the afternoon, not in the evening but the other time. First meet I shy, she shy, everybody shy. Next meet tsunami. She, I Tsunami hit and put in tree, she catch me I no fall, she life my save. I fall not from tree but fall love in Munimma. But I no not she love me, so I tell her no. One month after I go to tea shop, she come to shop to buy bonda (for non tamils – bonda is one round straight shape eating with hole inside, this hole full of sponge yellow color, with onions, chilli, put in oil, fry eat, tasty good) I see she, she see I. Eye, eye meeting, I tell tea owner, “Sir put bonda well, she my close friend” She smile, she say she go church in evening, I understand she call me to come. Evening I put new underwear, baniyan, lungi, shirt. I go church, she wait church backside, I see she see, we go beach, we sit by the ship. We no talk. It start black sky, moon no, sun no, stars only yes. I see she, I romantic my lips join I go front.

I fear she slap. But I get current shock. She kiss I, I get current shock.

I love she, she love me. We marriage. We buy cow we buy hen. Now we rich we happy.

Me Munimma super figure, structure super when wear Saree. She pixture here. Kartik and other bloggers, she you sister.

Me go now, go to fish inside the sea. How my English? If you like I write else no write.

With loves,


Friday, March 13, 2009

F.R.I.E.N.D.S & I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W

Thanks to Moi and Charmed One for awarding me with their prestigious FRIENDS Award. It’s time for celebrations and sharing.

I hereby confirm on all my blog buddies and friends the award of friendship and love…
Lancelots Friends Award

As there is a criticism that my previous post On award was really long, I hereby give the link of the award of cuteness blog of mine 'Lancelot is Cute' please accept this award if you find your name there.

Apart from that I am also passing on this award to my new blog friends whom I have started to following and who support/bash me all the time.

1) Kriti – from Avalon Theatre Productions – the one on whom I can always rely on - my adviser

2) Annie – Ice Maiden – check out her blog to know why I am following

3) Ramyah – Tiny Brain Thinks – teacher from Malaysia

4) Lena – Colours of my soul – she can paint your souls with her colours

5) Blogger Mouth – Contemplations of a Cranky Kid – She is not Cranky at all.

6) Lynda Akka – Thanks for your support and encouraging comments.

7) Revathi – Ennavan – Tamil Poetess from Madurai.

8) Akanksha – fellow lawyer and bunny of mine.

Please accept your award and honor the award.

In addition the Pakistan Spectator has also interviewed me and the Interview is published. Please click, “Take me to the page where the Indian Brad Pitt is interviewed”

Love you all


Monday, March 9, 2009

Delhi - 6 (Review)

Delhi 6

This is my second movie review, the first one being on Rab Na blah blah… and please don’t consider the letter to AMPAS as a movie review though it is tagged so. Delhi 6, lets see what’s in store in that film.


  • Abhishek Bachchan as Roshan,
  • Sonam Kapoor as Bittu
  • Om Puri as Madangopal
  • Atul Kulkarni as Gobar
  • Rishi Kapoor as Ali
  • Waheeda Rahman as Dadi
  • Divya Dutta as Jalebi
  • Tanvi Azmi as Fatima
  • Deepak Dobriyal as Mamdu
  • K.K. Raina as Haji Sulamaan
  • Aditi Rao Hydari as Rama Bua
  • Supriya Pathak as Vimla
  • Pavan Malhotra as Jai Gopal
  • Amitabh Bachchan as Dadaji
  • Vinayak Doval as Bobby
  • Vijay Raaz as Inspector Ranvijay.
  • Cyrus Sahukar as Suresh

  • Director: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra
  • Producer: Ronnie Screwvala and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra
  • Music: A.R. Rahman
  • Director of Photography: Binod Pradhan
  • Lyrics and Dialogue: Prasoon Joshi
  • Story: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, Kamlesh Pandey and Prasoon Joshi
  • Editor: P S Bharathi
  • Action: Allan Amin
  • Choreographers: Vaibhavi Merchant, Saroj Khan



The story is refreshingly new. Though the Hindu and Muslim riots are already shown in the film Bombay, here it is a hypothetical situation. The movie’s story is based on a concept. Like V for Vendetta and Matrix, only few can understand the concept of this story. Like how Rand De Basanti was made on the back drop of a documentary shoot, this movie has the Ram Leela on its back drop and the flavour of the street theatre is preserved. The casting was amazing. Atul Kulkarni stands tall. Nice touches here and there. For instance in one scene Abishek touches the untouchable Jalebi and gets his hands washed by ash and water by his grand mom, in the next scene the Ram Leela depicts the scene where demi god RAM eats from the hands of Chabri (an untouchable) and Abishek looks at his grand mom meaningfully. The movie’s concept black monkey is used as an allegory to represent the evil that resides inside every man alongside God (virtue). After the film Bombay this is another movie which emphasise on the brotherhood between the religions in India. Everything in this movie is a concept, let it be Gobar taking two one rupee coins instead of a ten rupee note offered to him everytime, or a mad man showing the mirror to everyone and tells them “ I see a mad man in the mirror” or be it kala bandar. The entire movie is made of concepts and needs you to keep your religions and caste aside to understand what it means.


In Rang De Basanti itself he made an impact and he has lived up to his standards. He appears to me as a deep film maker like Kamalji, as his concept is not understood by many. I look forward to see more such films from him. He gives the medicine to the Indian population in the right way. Hats off director, especially your choice of actors are brilliant. The way he showed Abishek chasing a kite in one of the scenes was linked to the climax scene was marvellous.


The best casting I saw off late. Each one has played their role perfectly. Atul Kulkarni stands tall of the lot with his solid performance so is Deepak. I fell in for Sonam Kapoor (so Mr Anilji I am forgiving you for your stint in Slumdog as you are a prospective father in law of mine) what curves, what class, *drooling*. Abishek I never seen him as an acor before, but this film proved it otherwise, now I understand why Maniratnam calls him for all his movies (3 in a row). Very realistic acting from the lead pair, you should also acknowledge the fact the cast is powerful and experienced.


Technical aspects of the film are perfect. Let it be camera or lighting or editing they are exceptionally taken care of. I would give 10 out of 10 for the technical side of the film. Espcially the “Dil Gira Dafatan” song where the worlds of Delhi 6 and New York meet at Times Square, which is amazingly done, in particular the scene where an artist paints Sonam Kapoor, very beautiful.


I suppose ARR was given an Oscar in advance for this movie. “Machakalli” alone is enough to speak for me. Instead of marking the songs one by one I give them all 5 stars. Just to know who sung;

Masakali - Mohit Chauhan

Arziyan - Javed Ali, Kailash Kher

Dilli 6 - Blaaze, Benny Dayal, Vivianne Chaix, Tanvi Shah, Claire

Rehna Tu - A. R. Rahman, Benny Dayal, Tanvi Shah

Hey Kaala Bandar - Karthik, Naresh Iyer, Srinivas, Bony Chakravarthy,

Embar (rap)

Dil Gira Dafatan - Ash King, Chinmayee

Genda Phool - Rekha Bhardwaj, Shraddha Pandit, Sujata Mazumdar,

V.N. Mahathi

Bhor Bhaye - Shreya Ghoshal, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan

Aarti (Tumre Bhavan Mein) - Rekha Bhardwaj, Kishori Ashok Gowariker,

Shraddha Pandit, Sujata Mazumdar

Noor - Amitabh Bachchan

Disky : 1

Why this movie didn’t do well in the box office is a big mystery to me until I realised, why movies like Slumdog, Nayak, Anniyan, Indian, Rang De Basanti are a hit whereas movies like Anbe Sivam, Delhi 6 are a flop. The other movies has the bad man as a politician, or a slum don, or a government official, so people see it as someone else and they are happy when the bad man is revealed and destroyed. In movies like Anbe Sivam, Delhi – 6 the bad man is you and me – a normal human who has a dark side within him, which is true in all our cases. When such a thing is portrayed we are not ready to face the reality, we cannot see our reflections on screen. The reality slaps at our face and we cannot accept it and give the movie a bad review and make it hit the rock bottom. The character of the mad man who keeps showing a mirror to the people on the streets that says a lot in just the tiny screen space it occupies. It encapsulates the message of the film that God, like evil, lies within and not without. So if there’s any monkey that needs to be killed, it’s the one inside. It’s a message with a heart and mind. The portrayal of Amitabh’s character is a lift from Harry Potter – 7th Part, where Dumbledore meets Harry in heaven to explain the complex plot of the story. Similarly Amitabh clears the concept of Kala Bandar by saying the monkey within you which comes out and creates the entire nuisance.

Disky : 2

I can relate the story very well to my life as the protagonist in the movie hails from a Hindu dad and a Muslim mom, just like me. He would have felt the same way I felt when the Hindus and Muslims fight amidst each other for silly reasons. Recently I received a forward from one of the fellow law students asking me to forward it to all claiming that Taj Mahal is indeed a Shiv Temple, I replied to all asking them not to forward in order to avoid a recreation of Babri Masjid, as a building should not be a reason for fight among the Religions in India again. You know what, I was no more in the mailing list and that friend of mine stopped talking to me. Is that what you call the NAV BHARATH??? We share Diwali sweets, Ramzan Briyani, Christmas cakes with our friends and neighbours, why can’t we share love also??? Why can’t you or I marry a girl from other caste or religion??? It’s all attributed to the black monkey inside you and me, this movie is an amazing one which makes you to identify the black monkey inside us. Let’s kill it dude and dudettes.


Watch the movie at least once, it’s worth watching.


Genius Kamal ! ! !

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